q Conditions for Buying Real Estate for Foreigners in Belize

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Conditions for Buying Real Estate for Foreigners in Belize

Belize is a tax haven and beach paradise holiday destination and investors who wish to benefit from these two characteristics combined can choose to purchase real estate in Belize. The market is a mature one, that presents several opportunities for development. Moreover, the tax advantages are important.

Some of the top issues to consider for those willing to invest in real estate here include the following:

  • – the property: there are plenty of options when choosing a property in Belize and investors can explore several options;
  • – the taxes: property taxes are low in Belize, with examples including the general sales tax (for new properties), and other transfer fees;
  • – the agent: working with an agent can be useful as you can receive the needed help to narrow down the search for the desired property;
  • – the verification: it is useful to perform a due diligence in order to make sure that there are no legal disputes over that property;

Our team of Belize company registration agents can help foreign investors understand the laws applicable to foreign property ownership.

Tax advantages for real estate investments in Belize

Foreign entrepreneurs can find that the laws for investing in real estate in Belize are uncomplicated and that they have sufficient opportunities to choose between existing types of real estate, with emphasis on residential properties. They enjoy the same right for investment as residents and there are no restrictions on buying, selling and renting land and various types of properties.

The main advantages in this offshore jurisdiction are related to taxes, much in the same way this is a clear advantage for those interested in Belize company formation.

There is no applicable capital gains tax in Belize and the property taxes are low.

Other issues to consider when buying real estate in Belize

When buying real estate, investors will need to add a set of other expenses to the property price. These include the stamp transfer tax, the fee for title search, the sales tax, and the attorney fees.

Buying a property in Belize is a simple process because it can be accomplished even when the buyer cannot be present in the country during the entire sale procedure.

If you wisht to buy property after you have applied for Belize permanent residency, we can also assist you durign this step.

For more detailed information about property purchase, as well as details about how to open a company in Belize, please do not hesitate to contact us.