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FAQ on Belize Offshore Companies

FAQ on Belize Offshore Companies
What is the use of an offshore company?

Offshore companies may be used for several purposes among which asset protection and deferral from taxes, including tax reduction.

What are the options for company formation in Belize?

The International Business Company is the type of legal entity chosen by foreign investors who want to open an offshore company in Belize.

What are the characteristics of the IBC?

The IBC has an easy setup process, low maintenance requirements and, in some cases, special permits and licenses are needed to perform business activities.

Are there any restrictions on the formation of an IBC?

No. Belize is a jurisdiction that does not impose restrictions regarding nationality or special rules for company directors. You do not have to immigrate to Belize to open a company here.

Are there any other business options in Belize?

Investors can also open a Belize offshore trust and a Belize offshore foundation. These investment vehicles have different characteristics from the IBC and investors can pick the one that best suits their business and offshore needs.

Is Belize a tax haven?

Yes. A tax haven or a financial haven like Belize lacks the burdensome taxation rules particularly found in other jurisdictions. Moreover, individuals who open a business here avoid taxation altogether. 

How is business taxation avoided in Belize?

Company taxation is not avoided per se because it is not levied. Belize does not impose a corporate income tax and these advantageous laws make it a tax haven.

Are there any special laws for investors in Belize?

The Belize International Business Companies Act is the main legal resource for Belize company formation as well as their management and control.

Are there any special reporting requirements for an IBC in Belize?

No. These types of companies do not have to keep strict accounting records or file tax returns.

How can foreign investors handle the IBC formation from abroad?

Our Belize offshore company formation agents can help you with complete company registration services. What’s more, we also offer registered agent services.

Foreign entrepreneurs who wish to know more about how to open an offshore company in Belize can talk to one of our agents. Contact us for more details.