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Intellectual Property Lawyer in Belize

Intellectual Property Lawyer in Belize

Intellectual property encompasses trademarks, copyright, industrial designs, and patents. The Belize Intellectual Property Office is the one to handle all of the issues related to intellectual property protection and registration. It also has an advisory function, providing the Government of Belize with needed information on intellectual property (IP) matters.

Registering a trademark, copyright or patent can be important for investors and working with an intellectual property lawyer in Belize is recommended for entrepreneurs who wish to follow the applicable procedures for registration as well as comply with the local laws for the IP system.

The types of intellectual property that can be protected in Belize are the following:

  • • Trademarks: signs used to distinguish one company from another; can include a combination of elements.
  • • Copyright: issued for the protection of literary and artistic creations, they are identified by a special sign.
  • • Designs: these are the designs of a product, including its shape, color, specific features.
  • • Patents: the exclusive right to produce, use or sell an invention; the owner has exclusive rights.

These types of intellectual property are protected for a certain amount of time. Protecting trademarks can be important for investors in Belize because once they register it; they are the sole users and thus can eliminate unfair competition. Investors who are interested in Belize offshore company formation can benefit from registering their trademarks.

For those investors who wish to open a company in Belize, our team of agents can handle the incorporation process and help investors comply with the IP laws.

What are the trademark protection principles in Belize?

A trademark is essentially the distinctive sign through which one company differentiates its products and services from other corporations. It can include words, names, letters, designs, numerals, colors, shapes.  The mark can be simply a word mark or it can be a word and figurative mark. It is also possible to register a collective mark, used to identify the goods and services of members from those of non-members. 

Trademark protection in Belize is possible through an application submitted to the Intellectual Property Office. It includes the filled in application form and proof of payment for the relevant fees. This distinctive company mark is protected for ten years following the date of registration. The period can be further extended for another ten years. Trademark applications can be opposed.

Investors who are interested in trademark protection can reach out to our intellectual property lawyer in Belize.

What are the laws on copyright protection in Belize?

The types of works that are protected by copyright include novels, poems, plays, newspapers, computer programs, databases, but also other literary and artistic works. It does not apply to those works that are not written down, such as in the case of non-written dramatic or musical works. The owner is the one who creates the work., however, this does not apply to employees. Belize is a signatory state to the Berne Convention for the protection of literary and artistic works.

In Belize, copyright protection begins upon the creation of the work, however, the Belize Intellectual Property Office does offer depository facilities. The duration of protection for an artistic, literary or musical work is during the lifetime of the author plus fifty years. 

Copyright protection can be of interest for many of those entrepreneurs who open a company in Belize. Our team of agents can offer more information about IP law and copyright protection.

How can investors protect patents and designs in Belize?

Industrial designs apply to a wide range of products, both in general industrial manufacturing and in handicraft. These can be technical instruments, houseware, jewelry, luxury items, and others.

An industrial design can be protected for five years following the application for registration. This period can be further extended for another ten years (two subsequent five-year renewals). 

The patent is an exclusive right to produce an invention and the main reason why inventors should register a parent is that they gain exclusive rights for the exploitation of the invention. The duration for the protection of a patent is twenty years after its registration. International patent protection is possible under the Patent Cooperation Treaty.

Our team of agents who specialize in Belize company formation can provide investors with complete information on the requirements for companies and the protection of intellectual property. We invite you to contact us to find out more about company incorporation and IP registration from our specialists.

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Our lawyers in Belize have extensive experience in all areas of law which are of interest to foreign and local investors. We are able to answer questions not only about intellectual property, corporate and commercial matters, but also about real estate issues, employment, or immigration. You can trust that once you reach out to our team we will find the optimal legal solutions for your situation.