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Lawyers in Belize

Lawyers in Belize

Investors who are interested in Belize offshore company formation often require specialized legal aid and legal representation while doing business in this jurisdiction. Working with a team of professional and experienced attorneys is important when seeking knowledgeable solutions to certain legal matters as well as when willing to engage in real estate purchase in Belize.

Our team of lawyers in Belize specializes in the Belize International Business Companies Act as well as the Real Estate Law and other legal areas of interest to foreign entrepreneurs. We are able to provide tailored legal services, as per the needs of our clients. We serve local and international companies as well as individual clients and we strive to find effective legal solutions in all cases. 

 Quick Facts  
  Commercial litigation assistance offered by our lawyers in Belize We represent clients in all types of corporate and commercial disputes, whether complex or routine ones; we also offer services for cross-border disputes 

Company formation services
in Belize

International Business Company (IBC) incorporation


 Belize bank account opening for
companies and individuals

Drafting employment agreements, settlement agreements, employer's rights in Belize

International investments Trust formation, offshore trusts
Tax matters 

Expert legal advice on the tax regime applicable to the IBC, as well as other tax planning matters for individuals and companies in Belize


Assistance from our lawyers in Belize for investors who wish to cease their business operations in the country 

Intellectual property services Trademark, patent, copyright registration; trademark opposition, infringement issues 
Debt recovery with the help of our lawyers in Belize   Negotiate the debt, establish a payment plan and start the amicable debt recovery; assistance for court recovery if needed 
Real estate issues Property purchase and sale, title search, drafting/concluding sale and purchase agreements, tenancy issues, escrow services
Residential conveyancing  Property sale and purchase for individuals in Belize
Individual employment Unlawful contract terminations, maternity leave issues, severance pay claims, and others
Civil litigation assisted by
our lawyers in Belize
Fraud, personal injury claims, foreign proceedings, asset recovery and much more 
Divorce and family law Non-contentious and contentious services
Divorce, international adoption, financial settlements, wills and probate, etc. 
Immigration services in Belize Visas and residence permit applications, family reunification, naturalization, political asylum and more 

Services offered by our lawyers in Belize

We offer a number of legal services and are able to accommodate the needs of corporate and individual investors who are interested in Belize company formation. The jurisdiction is a dynamic one that has grown into an important international financial center. The attractive corporate taxation regime and full foreign ownership are two of the reasons why many international investors choose to open a company here. What’s more, Belize is also attractive for real estate investments, due to its beautiful tropical island scenery and many foreign entrepreneurs choose to purchase property here as means of investing in the tourism sector or simply for relocation purposes. 

Our team of lawyers in Belize is ready to answer all of your questions regarding the local laws and regulations for foreigners. Specialized legal aid is of importance not only for corporate purposes but also for due diligence and compliance in private investments. 

Some of our services are the following:

  • • Corporate: we provide legal assistance for Belize company registration; our lawyers are able to help foreign investors establish limited liability companies or the popular IBC, the international business company that is used for offshore purposes;
  • • Banking and finance: our team offers services related to banking and finance, from opening a bank account in Belize to more complex issues concerning lending and legal representation in case of financial services providers; 
  • • Intellectual property: our division specializing in Intellectual Property Law is ready to answer any questions concerning trademark registration and how you can protect your brand in Belize;
  • • Real estate: are you looking to purchase property in the Caribbean? we offer complete legal services during the real estate transfer and assist clients with real estate due diligence; 
  • • Others: our practice areas also include civil litigation, fraud, estate and succession as well as other services.

Our lawyers can also answer questions about Belizean residency. We can supply a comprehensive guide on permanent residency applications, and we will help you understand the conditions, as well as gather the needed documents quired by the immigration authorities. Please contact us if you need details about temporary and permanent residency.

You can rely on our team for complete information bout Belizean citizenship and how you can acquire this status. In accordance with the Nationality Act, there are three possible scenarios: through permanent residence (at least 5 years), through marriage (after at least 1 year of marriage to a citizen), or through descent. Our team can give you more details about each of these cases.

We invite you to reach out to our lawyers in Belize for a complete list of the areas of law in which we are able to provide ongoing assistance. Clients interested in legal services in another country, for example in South Africa, can receive assistance from our partners who are experienced South African lawyers.

Belize company formation lawyers

The main focus of our practice are corporate and commercial services, aimed at investors and international companies that are interested in establishing a business here. We serve both international corporate clients as well as international entrepreneurs who wish to take advantage of the regime applicable to companies in this jurisdiction. Opening a company in Belize is advantageous for a number of reasons, among which we can mention tax neutrality, full foreign ownership as well as the ability to use the International Business Company for a variety of business purposes.

Legal Services in Belize.png

Several steps are essential when opening a company here and out team is able to assist during this time with all and any needed legal advice.

The Belize company formation steps are outlined below by our lawyers:

  1. Select the business form: many investors choose to open a Belize International Business Company; this offers full foreign ownership;
  2. Provide the documents: our lawyers can help you open a company in Belize and for this purpose you will need to provide the documents that are used to indicate the shareholders (IDs, proof of address, etc);
  3. Prepare for registration: the Articles of Association and the Memorandum are prepared and the company is registered with the Registry of International Business Companies;
  4. Licensing: our lawyers in Belize are also able to help you obtain special licenses for companies that require them (for financial services companies in general).

Companies in Belize are required to observe the annual license fee payments set by the Government as follows:

  • – 100$ when the authorized capital does not exceed 50,000 $ and the shares have par value;
  • – 350 when the capital does not exceed 50,000 $ and some or all of the shares have par value or when the company has no authorized share capital and all shares have no par value;
  • – 1,000 $ when the authorized capital exceeds 50,000 $.

Our lawyers in Belize can give you complete details about all of the provisions included in the International Business Companies Law.

If you wish to open an international company in Belize or are interested in specific issues regarding the banking law or the laws and regulations on international businesses and their licensing and operation in the jurisdiction, our team can assist you. We can also help company owners deal with employment issues, including but not limited to drawing up employment agreements, handling dismissals and setting disputes.

We can also help investors with details about the option that allows them to acquire Belize citizenship by investment.

Working with our lawyers is advisable in all matters concerning immigration. The residence process is a multi-step one and an important condition is for the applicant to be able to show that he has been legally residing in the country for some time and that he is financially stable. Moreover, one will also need to supply a set of documents. Do reach out to us if you have questions about Belizean immigration

Find out more about our services from the following video:

Belize litigation lawyers

Our lawyers have extensive experience in representing clients in front of the Courts in Belize. We also represent clients in a number of commercial disputes and in front of other tribunals, as needed.

Commercial litigation, as well as alternative dispute resolution such as arbitration and mediation are some of our main areas of expertise. We assist clients who wish to initiate a lawsuit, during the course of the trials and hearings, for the settlement as well as the appeal, if applicable. Our team also specializes in alternative dispute resolution methods, such as arbitration. We can recommend these in several types of cases, as they can offer a simplified process and faster results, compared to court litigation.

Intellectual property lawyers

Clients who have questions concerning the Belize intellectual property law, those who wish to register a trademark or who were subject to trademark infringement can reach out to our lawyers for assistance. Our litigation lawyers also provide services for clients who are involved in intellectual property disputes concerning copyrights, trademarks, patents or designs.

If you simply wish to register a trademark in Belize, or renew its registration and are unable to be present in the country during the entire procedure, our team can represent your interests during this process.

Real estate lawyers in Belize

Buying property in Belize is permitted for foreign investors and they enjoy the same rights and Belize residents. We assist clients throughout the sale/purchase procedure and are also able to provide legal assistance in real estate property disputes. We advise those interested on environmental, planning and construction compliance, land use and relevant regulations.

We can also help with property title searches, insurance, drafting sale and purchase agreements, as well as escrow services for property purchase purposes.

If you are interested in any of the aforementioned legal services, you can easily reach out to one of our attorneys in Belize for an initial consultation regarding your specific matter.

Other practice areas in which our team of lawyers specialize include:

  1. Debt collection: we assist clients who wish to recover undue payments through the amicable procedure or, as needed, through a court procedure; we are also able to provide services for the enforcement of foreign judgments and offer services for international debt collection;
  2. Immigration law: foreign investors or nationals who have resided in Belize for a minimum period can apply for permanent residence; our lawyers can help during this process;
  3. Family law: we also offer assistance in matters concerning divorce or the division of assets held by foreign nationals living in Belize;
  4. Probate and succession: we offer services related to estate planning as well as succession; we also assist clients who wish to draw up a will.

Foreign clients who do business in Belize or who decide to invest in real estate here can almost always use the services offered by a third party who is able to handle all or part of the affairs in their name. working with our lawyers through a power of attorney, a legal document that grants powers to a third party, you can rest assured that the company formation process or the property purchase is performed according to law, in a timely manner and as per your specific requirements. When working via a power of attorney, you delegate your power to one of our lawyers, the acting agent, who will then be able to represent you in front of the authorities and the other parties. The agent is bound by the legal instrument to only perform the tasks of interest (when the power of attorney is a special or limited one) or general tasks (when the power of attorney is a general one).

We offer expert legal advice in many areas of law and are able to provide counselling as needed. finding the most suitable legal solutions is easier with our help. We focus on our clients’ bets interests and strive to find legal ways in which issues may be sorted efficiently and as fast as possible, without having to prolong the dispute by going to court whenever possible.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about our services.