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Holding Company in Belize

Holding Company in Belize

Belize is an international offshore company jurisdiction, with many advantages for foreign investors. Opening a holding company in Belize is a simple process and it involves the incorporation of an International Business Company or IBC.

Our Belize company formation specialists are ready to answer any questions about the holding company in this jurisdiction and how you can benefit from setting up your business in this country.

The characteristics of the holding company in Belize

The Belize International Business Company is a type of legal entity that can be incorporated and used by foreign investors. Those who open an offshore company in Belize and choose this type of company benefit from an easy setup process and low company administration requirements. Moreover, the IBC can be used as a holding company in Belize.

The Belize holding company can be used for several purposes, however, a common use is to hold intellectual property rights or outstanding stock in other companies. The Belize holding will not provide services, but it will be used to store and manage the shares of other companies.

Investors who open a company in Belize can use it for various business purposes, however, entrepreneurs should remember that the activities of an offshore company are regulated and there are several permits or licenses that need to be obtained for some business purposes.

Belize company registration

Investors who open a holding company in Belize need to incorporate an International Business Company. This legal structure is exempt from taxation in Belize. This also means that there are no annual reporting or filing requirements.

Among the characteristics of the IBC we can list the following:

– it cannot be used to own real estate in Belize, but it can be used for real estate holding purposes;

– it can carry out business only with non-residents;

– some business activities, such as banking may only be carried out with a special license;

– it cannot issue shares or stock to Belize residents.

One of our agents who specialize in Belize company registration can give you more information on the use of a holding company.

For questions other than company formation matters, you can discuss with our agents specializing in Belizean residency matters. Foreign national can apply for both temporary and permanent residency, the latter being possible after at least one year spent in the country. We can give you details about the required documents, as well as the general residence application process.

If the residence process interests you because you wish to immigrate to Belize, we can give you details about the interviews applicants go through (with the immigration authorities, as well as with the police department), the requirements for showing one’s financial stability, as well as other issues. For those interested, our team can also answer questions about citizenship.

For those interested and who qualify (i.e., have been permanent residents for at least five years at the time of the application), our team can also answer questions about citizenship in Belize. This is possible not only after a minimum period in the country, but also through marriage to a Belizean national (after at least one year after the marriage), or though descent.

Contact us for complete offshore company formation services in Belize.

Our lawyers in Belize can answer questions about other matters of interest, such as offshore and local company incorporation, employment in Belize, immigration issues, real estate purchases, debt collection, or intellectual property matters. We are also able to assist clients who required legal representation for various types of disputes, both in and out of court.