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Licensed Activities in Belize

Licensed Activities in Belize

The Belize International Company is a type of legal entity designed to be incorporated by foreign investors in Belize. Although it generally does not require special permits to perform business activities, some sectors like financial services are regulated.

Licensed activities in Belize include a few fields like trading, international insurance, and other international activities. If you are interested in Belize offshore company formation, it is important to know which activities are regulated in the country.

The video below summarizes the requirements for special licensing in Belize:

IBC special licenses

A number of business activities, namely those related to the financial services, are subject to special licenses in Belize. Owners of International Business Companies submit their applications to the International Financial Services Commission. The following are licensed activities in Belize:

  • – international insurance services;
  • – international asset management and protection;
  • – international mutual funds and other collective investment schemes;
  • – money transfer services and payment processing services;
  • – money brokering, lending and exchange;
  • – trading in foreign exchange;
  • – trading in securities and financial derivative instruments;
  • – international accounting services;
  • – consulting or advisory services in the fields listed above.

Apart from licensing with the International Financial Services Commission, foreign investors who open an offshore company in Belize have few requirements and enjoy a simple company setup process. These also include the step to open a bank account in Belize.

Our Belize company registration specialists can give you complete information about the licensed activities itemized above.

Corporate law in Belize

The International Limited Liability Companies Act, the International Financial Services Commission Act and the International Insurance Act and the Offshore Banking Act are examples of relevant legislation for the financial sector in Belize. The banking regulations applicable here also stipulates what investors have to complete if they want to set up a bank account for a company in Belize

The offshore services sector is very well developed and investors in Belize are exempt from all local taxes, have no requirements for a minimum company capital, enjoy financial protection and the lack of foreign exchange control.

Our team can also assist you with information about individual matters, in addition to the ones relating to licensed activities. If you are interested in knowing more about Belizean residency, we can give you information on how to first acquire temporary residence, followed by permanent residence. Conditions for your activities in Belize, your financial stability, and others apply.

We also provide assistance to foreign nationals who are already Belizean permanent residents and have completed the five-year minimum period of permanent residency toward being able to apply for Belizean citizenship. Other conditions apply in order to be able to acquire this status, so make sure to ask our team any questions concerning your situation before you decide to apply.

When you wish to make your relocation to Belize a permanent one, our team will answer your questions about immigration to Belize. Remaining in the country indefinitely is possible for foreign nationals, however, they will need to meet the aforementioned conditions for financial stability, among others. You can rely on our assistance during the application process for residency purposes.

Belize offers a wide range of investment vehicles, available to entrepreneurs and investors worldwide. If you would like to know more about this convenient location to do business, please contact our Belize company formation agents.

Working with our lawyers in Belize is recommended to all investors, both local and foreign, who have questions about corporate and business law, licensing, liability and the business owner’s duties. We are a team practising in many areas of law, including real estate, employment, intellectual property law, contract law, debt collection, and more. You can reach out to us for more details about our services.