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Set Up a Trust in Belize

Set Up a Trust in Belize

Investors who set up a trust in Belize benefit from all of the advantages of this offshore jurisdiction but also from an advanced and protective legislation. 

The Trust Act was amended and perfected in such a way to make Belize an increasingly more attractive destination to base a trust and to provide for sufficient options and flexibility for all investors.

Our Belize company formation agents can give you complete and comprehensive information on the trust laws in the country and the formation of this type of structure. 

Laws governing the formation of trusts in Belize

The Belize Trust Act of 1992 is one of the most modern laws regarding trusts to date. This law, as well as other governing laws in Belize, was drafted by observing the English common law. It is similar to the laws applicable in other offshore jurisdictions like Cayman or Panama.

Belize trusts offer a high degree of asset protection and these types of instruments may be used for asset protection and management or for asset/wealth growth due to the many tax advantages in the jurisdiction. 

According to law, the trust is incorporated by the settlor who entrusts the trustee (another individual or company) to manage the assets that will be used by a third party (the beneficiary).

Investors who are interested in Belize offshore company formation can explore the features of the trust with the help of one of our experts.

Key features of Belize trusts

Many investors choose to open offshore company in Belize because of the highly attractive taxation regime, the lack of reporting requirements and the high degree of asset protection. 

The following characteristics make Belize a favorable location to set up a trust:

– no corporate tax;

– no stamp duty or capital duty;

– through asset protection;

– no minimum capital;

– no foreign exchange control;

– investor anonymity. 

Our agents can help answer all of your questions related to trust formation and offshore company registration in Belize. You can also receive legal advice on the process of opening a bank account for one of the entities prescribed here. 

Individuals who set up a trust can choose to apply for temporary residency in Belize, provided that they are able to offer proof of their financial stability (and comply with other requirements). Those who relocate here can also be joined by their spouse or children, if applicable. Our team can give you more details about residency following an investment in the country. 

If you are a Belizean permanent resident, our team will guide you through the process of applying for citizenship in Belize. While this is not obligatory, it is an option for foreign nationals who wish to remain in the country indefinitely and it depends on the period spent in the country lawfully, as a permanent resident, while also observing the condition to not leave the country for very long periods of time.

If relocation to Belize is of interest to you (whether alone, or joined by family members), our team can answer important questions about immigration to Belize. The decision to relocate to a new country is an important one and having legal guidance throughout the mandatory steps is helpful for foreign nationals, irrespective of their nationality. You can reach out to us for more details. 

You can contact us if you have questions on how to set up a trust or if you are interested in another form of investment in Belize.

Investors who have questions about trust creation and require the guidance lawyers in Belize can reach out to our local team. We provide a number of legal services in Belize, focusing on business and commercial matters, but also offering solutions in other areas of law, such as immigration, real estate, employment, intellectual property, debt collection and more.