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Virtual Office in Belize

Virtual Office in Belize

The virtual office is a physical address for the company and selected office services, such as a local phone number, mail collection, and forwarding, secretarial services and office space room renting as needed. When choosing to work via a virtual office in Belize, your business will benefit from the presence of a high-profile office at a fraction of the cost of a traditional office. 

Our company has a vast experience in company formation services and virtual office services and offer you a complete package that will fulfill all of the basic requirements related to company management and control in Belize. 

 Quick Facts  
  Best used for

Offshore companies
Small and medium companies that are not location-dependent


Flexibility for employees
Lower costs compared to a traditional office
Prestigious business location
Various amenities

Registered address option 

 Yes, if needed for Belize company formation purposes

Belize City, Orange Walk, other locations

Coworking spaces Yes
Individual offices


Meeting rooms


Connectivity Wi-Fi 
Facilities   Mail forwarding services
 Telephone services
Physical address
On-site additional services such as offices and meeting rooms
Secretary services Upon request
Local business telephone Upon request; this can be a dedicated one
for your company 
Rent duration Monthly or yearly in most cases
Special packages/plans Premium packages available 
Approximate costs Can start at $100 per month for plans with extra amenities 
Change from traditional office to virtual office Yes, possible with our help 

The advantages of a virtual office in Belize

The primary advantage of the virtual office is that it implies fewer costs than those associated with renting and managing a traditional office space as well as hiring specialized staff. There is a high degree of flexibility that comes with ensuring that the company has a professional presence without having necessarily rented a physical office.

Is a virtual office right for your business needs? The fact that it provides an address for the business is very important as this is a requirement when opening a company and registering it with the Belize Companies Registry. This can be seen as an advantage for many entrepreneurs because they will not need to search for and rent or purchase a suitable premise for the future company, and then equip it with office essentials. Therefore, a virtual office is a suitable option for all those who are interested in Belize offshore company formation.

The virtual office lends itself to the purpose of an offshore company precisely because it adds more to the flexibility level for these types of companies. When dealing with international clients, as many Belize offshore companies do, it is essential to have access to a flexible work environment and one that provides all of the needed facilities. The fact that the company runs the entire business via a virtual office will also mean that the team can work remote and they do not have to be based in Belize. In turn, this creates another advantage: access to talent, irrespective of location.

Belize company formation is a simple process. Using a virtual office service can further simplify certain issues that need to be taken care of while managing the business (partly because of the ongoing secretarial services that are used by all clients). In case you need company formation services in another country, for example in Cyprus, we can put you in contact with our partners.

Most virtual office packages are offered for a pre-set period such as six months or a year. The monthly or the yearly contract can be extended automatically if investors choose to do so. In most cases, companies that choose to start via a virtual office in Belize will continue to use this service. Below, our team of Belize offshore company formation agents describes the main features included in these packages. 

Virtual office package

The Virtual Office package provided by CompanyFormationBelize.com contains:

  1.    Prestigious business address in Belize: for a credible and risk-free base for corresponding with clients, situated in a top business location;
  2.    Registered office: a mandatory requirement for establishing a Belize company, with a virtual office package you will also handle this step;
  3.    Mail collection and forwarding – your mail is collected and forwarded to a preferred address and any packages are signed for and sent to you according to your instructions;
  4.    Incoming and outgoing faxes: by using our service you have access to our local fax number; we’ll collect and send faxes to you, wherever you are;
  5.    A local phone number: included in this package you will also have a local telephone number in Belmopan, Belize;
  6.    Voice mailbox: special service that ensured that all of your voice messages will be forwarded to you by email.

Investors who are interested in Belize company formation will find that the basic services listed above can be used by any type of business, irrespective of the business field (whether it is in the services sector or in import and exports as well as trade). When needed, and according to the business type, the package can be customized. Investors interested in starting businesses in another country, for example in Hungary, can receive specialized assistance from our partners who are experts in company formation matters – CompanyIncorporationHungary.com

Our package can also include additional services, which you may you if needed or as you see fit. These are:

  •    – Fax receipt and management, complete with a private fax number;
  •    – Call redirecting: our agents will use a software to redirect the calls received at the Belize office to your main telephone number;
  •    – Collection of bank statements;
  •    – Extra usage of the meeting room, when needed.

Getting in touch with our agents prior to deciding to open a company in Belize can be useful in order to determine if the virtual office option is suitable for your company. The available packages can be tailored to the needs of the clients particularly because there is no standard one size fits all for businesses and while some companies may require additional office space, others may need specific services such as the collection of bank statements or others, as applicable.

Our lawyers in Belize assist investors who are interested in running a company via a virtual office. We provide legal guidance and representation as needed in all matters concerning business and company law, including but not limited to corporate formation. We also advise on tax law matters for international investors. You can reach out to us for more details about our services. 

Interested in how you can acquire citizenship in Belize? Our team can give you more information about the conditions for permanent residence permit holders, as well as how you can acquire this status through marriage or by descent. Certain conditions apply to each of these cases and discussing them with our team before the application can help streamline the process.

Issues to consider when using a Belize virtual office

Companies that work via a virtual office in Belize will benefit from selecting a company that has a good infrastructure in place for taking and forwarding calls and good internet connectivity. Quality services are important in this case, as the business will depend on them to a high extent.

Another issue to take into consideration is the scheduling of the extra office space, when needed.

Companies that do not usually use meeting rooms or additional office space may wish to schedule these events so that they can make sure the space will be available for them on the needed date. This can include planning some meetings well in advance. Careful management as well as good scheduling can be important when running a business via a virtual office.

Investors who open an offshore company in Belize can use the virtual office if they have employees. The office space can be used as scheduled, for weekly meetings or as otherwise decided.

Virtual Office in Belize.png

General company formation steps in Belize

Deciding to operate via a virtual office is just one of the steps that are required when opening a company in Belize. The International Business Companies Act is the main legal resource for starting a business and it includes the main conditions for starting a business.

One important issue to take into consideration is the unique name of the company. Names are to be written in Roman script (as well as an alternative name with an accurate transaction of the name) and the chosen name cannot be identical to one that is already in use by a company that has been incorporated and registered under the Act. The Belize company name cannot contain certain words such as “imperial”, “cooperative”, “chamber of commerce”, “royal” or other words that may suggest the patronage of Her Majesty or another member of the Royal Family as well as a connection with the Belize Government (or a single department thereof).

Another important requirement for those who open a company in Belize is to draw up the Memorandum. This is a document that contains the name of the company, its full address in the country (which, when using a virtual office, will be that of the office), the object of the company as well as information about the types of shares and the currency in which they will be issued. The Memorandum is accompanied by the Articles of Association. Once registered, the company receives the certificate of incorporation, which is the main evidence of having complied with the requirements for proper registration.

Reasons to invest in Belize

Belize is an offshore destination that has much to offer to investors. The fact that it is an English-speaking country is an important advantage for foreign entrepreneurs as working from a virtual office here will include an easy transition into an international business environment. The country is also easily accessible by plane from North America and investors can use this as a business opportunity to set up meetings with international clients. However, the main reason why Belize remains an attractive offshore destination is the tax regime: there is no tax on company profits and the financial services industry is a modern one. The taxation regime is also developed in favor of those who wish to invest in real estate property here: there are no estate inheritance taxes or capital gains.

Investors can find it very easy to start a business in Belize because the requirements for opening a company here are uncomplicated and the process is a quick one. When working via a virtual office the process will mean that investors will skip the formalities for purchasing or renting altogether. The address of the virtual office will simply be used when registering the company. apart from this requirement, investors will also need to provide an original company name and draw up the articles of association. This can be done with the help of our agents, especially for those investors who prefer to work with a nominee director and/or shareholder. 

Our Belize company formation agents offer you a full range of virtual office services, as well as many other services related to the incorporation and management of Belize companies.

If you are interested in other matters apart from setting up a virtual office our team can also answer questions about residency in Belize. For permanent residency you will need to present a set of original documents and copies and submit them accordingly to the immigration authorities. We can help you during this process in order to make sure that your submission is complete.

Belize statistics

Belize is a beautiful country and, along with the financial services sector, other areas of business such as tourism and trade and well developed. Below, we present a set of key indicators for the country:

  • – the country’s population was of 408,487 individuals in July 2019.
  • – the imports in February 2020 amounted to 150.5 million $.
  • – the merchandise imports alone, in January and February 2020 amounted to 311.3 million $.

The data was provided by the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB).

Contact us for a complete offer and detailed information about our services and fees.

We can also give you details about Belize citizenship by investment.

For complete solutions related to immigration to Belize, do not hesitate to reach out to our team. We can answer your questions about the residence process, the permanent residence status, Belizean passports, and more. Working with a specialist is advisable in immigration cases because the applicant can receive personalized information according to nationality and the purpose of stay.