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Nominee Shareholders in Belize

Nominee Shareholders in Belize

Investors may appoint nominee shareholders in Belize and even nominee directors if they wish to maintain a high degree of confidentiality.

The nominee shareholder in Belize is a convenient and long-term solution to protect the identity of a company shareholder in the country.

Our Belize company formation agents can help you with special services that include choosing and appointing nominee shareholders and directors, to meet your specific needs as an investor in the country.

The advantages of appointing nominee shareholders in Belize

The nominee shareholder in Belize is an individual appointed as the officially registered shareholder in a Belize company. This is a method of ensuring a very high degree of shareholder protection, as the nominee is not related to the actual shareholder or shareholders and cannot be linked to them.

Investors who want to open an offshore company in Belize and at the same time maintain a certain degree of secrecy as to their ownership of an IBC in Belize may decide to use this service. The method does not affect the rights and ownership of the actual shareholder in any way.

Our agents who specialize in Belize company registration can help you sign a special nominee shareholder agreement, a confidential one, that states the actual relationship, the duties, and responsibilities of the nominee shareholder.

Shareholders who wish to move to Belize can reach out to us for details.

Nominee shareholders services in Belize

Our nominee shareholder services may be used together with the nominee director package for complete identity protection for the company owners and directors.

This is an optional service and our Belize offshore company formation specialists can help you incorporate a company and use this service from the very beginning, as you see fit. We can help you conclude the nominee shareholder agreement. The contract will specifically state that the nominee will hold the shares for the benefit of the true shareholder and that the latter is the only one who may use them or dispose of them.

Belize is a preferred location for offshore company formation because of its attractive regulatory framework for these types of company and the existence of the International Business Company.

Investors who want to open a company in Belize should know that they may use the nominee shareholder and nominee director services for their offshore company. The only consideration is that they comply with the regulations for licensing for these types of companies.

You can contact our Belize company formation experts for more information and a detailed description of our offshore company packages.