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Requirements for Setting up a Foundation in Belize

Requirements for Setting up a Foundation in Belize

A foundation is a legal structure that shares characteristics both with the corporation and with the trust and it can be used for asset protection, inheritance planning and for charitable purposes. The foundation can hold a number of assets, making it a versatile legal structure but one that has to meet several criteria for functioning nevertheless. 

The requirements for setting up a foundation in Belize are detailed below by our team of Belize company registration agents.

Main conditions for establishing a Belize foundation

Foundations in Belize are incorporated by following a set of steps, starting with the duly filled in forms. Investors can request the specialized aid offered by our Belize offshore company formation firm, and one of our agents will assist you throughout all of these steps. The main requirements are as follows:

  1. Fill in the needed forms: these include a standard application form for the establishment of the foundation and the declarations of the founder and beneficial owner.
  2. Provide personal information: this can also be referred to as a due diligence phase; our agents will need you to provide copies of your identification documents and the incorporation documents when the foundation is set up by a company;
  3. Provide needed accounting documentation: accounting documents and references as well as any needed bank statements; a declaration is also requested in most cases;
  4. Pay the necessary fees: this step includes all the necessary payments for the incorporation of the foundation, including any services fees if working with a professional incorporation company.

Other information on foundations in Belize

As stated above, foundations in Belize can be used for a number of purposes, both charitable and non-charitable. The Registrar of Foundations will include essential information about any foundation recorded therein, including the name of the registered agent.

One of our Belize company formation specialists can give you more details about these disclosure requirements and how you can maintain your anonymity as a foreign investor. We offer complete assistance to open an offshore company in Belize.

Contact us for complete information about opening a foundation, trust or offshore company in Belize.

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Do you want to open a foundation and relocate to Belize? Our team will give you all of the needed details about the available residence permits, their duration, the required documents, and, of course, the conditions for qualification. As an investor, you can remain in the country, provided that you make a minimum investment. We can give you details if immigration to Belize is of interest to you.

For foreign nationals who are already living in the country, our team can answer important questions concerning Belizean citizenship applications. If acquiring this status is something that interests you, we can provide complete details about the conditions, among which the minimum number of years one needs to be a permanent resident before be can apply for citizenship by registration.