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Company Secretary in Belize

Company Secretary in Belize

The Belize International Business Company (IBC) is the type of company commonly used by investors who want to open an offshore company in Belize.

It has low incorporation and maintenance requirements and the use of a company secretary in Belize is optional, although recommended. 

Requirements for companies in Belize

Belize is a very attractive offshore jurisdiction because of its laws that govern the incorporation and management of offshore corporations. An important characteristic is that investors may choose to use nominee director and shareholder services and they are under no obligation to make certain disclosures. Furthermore, investors who open an IBC in Belize are not required to appoint a company secretary or a local, resident representative.

Having a company secretary in Belize is not mandatory for those who open a company in Belize. However, having these types of services at their disposal, investors in Belize can easily handle the common requirements for companies. 

Individuals who wish to act as company secretary will need to immigrate. We can also answer questions related to the more complex, and lengthier process to immigrate to Belize. This is a multi-step process in the sense in which the foreign national will need to first obtain temporary residence, followed by permanent one. Our team can explain the residence process in detail, according to the applicant’s nationality, as well as his purpose of stay in Belize.

Secretarial services in Belize

Our team of Belize company formation agents can help you with various services associated with the incorporation of an offshore company in the country. Our services include the formation and management of an IBC, obtaining the needed licenses and other auxiliary company management packages.

Our secretarial services in Belize include those activities associated with the day-to-day management of an offshore company. They include call handling and forwarding, mail forwarding to your specific address, bank account administration, document forwarding handling and storage and others. The appointed secretary in Belize can also handle any signing obligations that will arise during the time the company engages in offshore activities.

One of our Belize company registration specialists can give you complete information about the tasks and obligations of an IBC and how a company secretary will help you handle and facilitate some business management obligations. 

Because Belize has a very favorable offshore company regime, meaning that a Belize offshore company is tax-free as long as it complies with the regulations of the Company Act, there are no requirements for filing returns or bookkeeping. 

A company secretary in Belize can apply for permanent Belizean residency after a minimum of one year spent in the country (during which the individual did not leave for more than 14 days). Other conditions apply to those who wish to become residents, such as being able to show proof of financial stability, having no criminal record, and more, such as additional documents in case of children. 

Foreign nationals working as a secretary, or those who fill other positions, can consider the option of applying for Belizean citizenship, once they have spent at least five years in the country as permanent residents. This is possible if the applicant does not leave the country for more than thirty consecutive days (or a total of three months in any twelve-month period).

Contact us for more information on the Belize International Business Company and how to open an offshore.

We can help you throughout the needed steps, including providing assistance when you open a bank account in Belize.

Investors who are ready to open a business in Belize can discuss all relevant legal matters and steps with our lawyers in Belize. We offer complete corporate services, as well as other legal solutions. Our areas of law include real estate, immigration, estate law, debt collection, employment and more. All of our services are tailored to the needs of our clients.  We can assist you if you have questions.