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Requirements for Opening a Trust in Belize

Requirements for Opening a Trust in Belize

A trust is a financial instrument that can be successfully used for asset management and protection purposes. The requirements for opening a trust in Belize concern the documentation of the actual relationship between the settlor, the trustee, and the beneficiary.

Our team of Belize company registration agents can help you comply with the requirements set forth in the Belize Trust Act and can assist you during the trust formation and registration procedure.

Documents needed to open a trust in Belize

The first requirement for opening a trust in Belize is to handle the necessary form submissions. The Belize Trust Application Form needs to be dully filled in by the parties. The form will include the following information: 

– the personal details of the settlor (name, address, contact information), 

– the detailed reasons for opening the trust and the proposed name, 

– the type of fund (discretionary, purpose, charitable or other),

– how the initial monetary submission will be made (cash, share or stock, real property),

– information about the trustee.

Entrepreneurs can choose to appoint one of our Belize company registration agents as the trustee and in this case, the form will include the specific information provided by us.

Our Belize company formation experts are able to help you prepare the documentation needed to open a fund in the shortest amount of time possible.

We are also able to assist those who wish to open an offshore company in Belize, as opposed to a trust.

Other aspects to consider when opening a Belize trust

The common documents filled in when opening a trust will also include an accounting records declaration and a trustee indemnity agreement. A registration fee will also apply during this process.

There is no mandatory requirement for a minimum share capital when opening a trust and its long-term duration is an assurance that the protection of the assets is secured even for the heirs of the settlor.

Some of the main advantages of opening a trust in Belize include a simple registration procedure, a high degree of confidentiality and flexibility. 

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Citizenship in Belize is also an option for those foreign nationals who have acquired the permanent resident status and have resided in the country under this permit for at least five years before submitting their citizenship application. Other conditions are also important, such as those that concern the maximum period during which the individual was absent from Belize.

The residence process in Belize is one that includes several steps, starting with having lawfully lived in the country for some time before the application, being and remaining financially stable and independent, as well as others. If immigration to Belize is a topic of interest, our team can answer questions about the documentation, and application submission.  

If you are in need of legal advice, in addition to the assistance required for trust formation, our partner lawyers in Belize are ready to answer your questions. We are a team of experienced legal professionals who can provide guidance in many areas of law such as corporate and commercial, international trade, tax and employment, immigration, as well as real estate matters. 

Investors who are interested in more information about how to open an offshore company in Belize can contact our registration experts.