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FAQ Ownership and Control of My Offshore Company in Belize

FAQ Ownership and Control of My Offshore Company in Belize

First time investors who open a company in Belize can use this quick guide on the most commonly asked questions on the ownership and control of an offshore company in the country.

How does one prove ownership of a Belize IBC?

A direct shareholder may prove his ownership of a IBC by means of a Share Certificate. However, when a nominee shareholder is used, then the agreement between the beneficial owner and the nominee will serve a proof of legal ownership.

Can the directors of an IBC be changed?

Yes, this can be done by means of a special Shareholder’s Meeting and an amendment to the organizational structure as well as the constitutive documents. One of our Belize offshore company formation agents can help you with additional information, depending on the particular type of company.

Is there a difference between the shareholder and the beneficial owner?

The shareholder is the individual who owns the shares in a company. However, when nominee shareholder services are used, a distinction will be made between the appointed shareholder (the nominee) and the actual beneficial owner of the shares.

Does the beneficial owner have signatory rights in the company?

Yes, the owners of the IBC do have signatory sights in the company, however, they can assign signatory powers to another party via a power of attorney.

Can the registered agent be changed after some time?

Yes, the owner of an offshore company in Belize can change the registered agent by means of a Director’s Resolution. The decision becomes effective within three business days. 

What data is accessible to outside parties about an offshore company in Belize?

Belize is known to be a jurisdiction that offers a high degree of investor protection. However, the name of the company and other details like its registration date and number as well as the name of the registered agent will be available to the public.

What documents does the beneficial owner need to ensure that he has full control over the IBC?

The statements from the nominee directors and shareholders, including the declaration of trust.

Is a declaration of trust mandatory?

Yes, this is the document used in case of nominee director or nominee shareholder services. It confirms the actual ownership.

Are there any blackmail scams involved in Belize IBC services?

Most agencies, including our agents who specialize in Belize offshore company formation, will not blackmail offshore investors. Registered service providers are under the regulation of the Belize International Financial Services Commission.

For those interested in remaining in the country permanently, applying for citizenship in Belize by registration is also an option. Part of the conditions for application has to do with the individual’s period out of the country, as there are limitations on the time during which one can leave Belize if he/she wishes to become a citizen. Our team will give you more details.